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Friday, 10 November 2006


A group of us went to Gisenyi last weekend on a abit of a shopping spree and had a really good dinner at a posh hotel. STEAK which didn't need to be masticated for 30 minutes, and WINE - we felt extremely sophisticated and a bit decadent! The next day we went out to a lovely fish restaurant from which one can swim and watch fishing boats and pied kingfishers - it's set in a very pretty garden and you slither into the water off volcanic rocks. The temperature is just right : not gaspingly cold but refreshing and surprisingly buoyant.

Because it's the rainy season the volcano was very clear and glowed pink at night  - it is an awesome sight as are the others that one sees on the way - the country was looking spectatacular - so lush and verdant.

I had a night in Kigali - my plans to stay with Inga having been scuppered as she put her neck out and had to be fetched by the VSO driver to go to the doctor - however she came to Tamara's house where I was staying, and Mary cooked a great Mexican meal and we had a good evening anyway. She is now much better.

I went the next day to Nyagatare in the East to stay with Merryl who has a large but fairly empty house. She is working in HIV/AIDS  but the programme hasn't really got under way yet- like everything here - "slow by slow"!! The country there is totally different - more like what one thinks of when people talk of Africa - rolling plains and distant mountains, accacia trees and hers of cattle supervised by small scruffy boys! The whole of my fist morning it poured with rain which gave a great excuse for reading and relaxing but yesterday morning was brilliant sun and blue sky and we went for a lovely walk without too many attendant children - wonderful birds of every shape and hue and the country a vivid green with cattle beginning to look glossy and rotund!!

Now I'm in Kigali for a Disability Working Group meeting and then back to Butare tonight to prepare for 2 workshops in Kigeme over the next 2 weeks.

I've been busy trying to plan my itinerary while home and hope to see as many people as possible. It's all getting very close and exciting now and I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone's news and lives.

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