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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

A European Tour

I've now been back in Europe for about 3 weeks and am finally beginning to feel a bit settled. It has BEEN WONDERFUL SEEING AND CATCHING UP WITH SO MANY FRIENDS AND FAMILY - but it has all been a bit of a whirl and inevitably I've eaten and drunk far too much - my Rwandan colleagues would be shocked at my self indulgence!!

I've been astonished at how easily I've slipped back into some parts of life and yet others that have been more difficult - for example food halls haven't filled me with disgust or panic but central heating has made it difficult to sleep and I've felt quite trapped inside houses or cars. On the other hand I've been thrilled with landscapes both here and in France - beautiful colours and green fieds - either empty -quite shocking, or stocked with sheep or horses - both a rare sight in Rwanda. The grass looks so smooth too and the winter light is glorious!

Shopping hasn't been too much of a problem so long as I know what I'm going to buy - the stocked shelves, epecially clothes or chemists strike terror in the heart of the uncertain, but bookshops exert a stronger draw than ever.

It's been quite difficult adjusting to the darkness in the morning and evening and trying to make sense of a day that doesn't start at six with warm, bright sun.

I've been impressed with how polite and friendly people are and how clean the trains are  -I never thought I'd say that!! But equally it's been a bit of a shock to see so many deeply unattractive, scruffy and unhealthy looking people!

I'm now having a Scottish interlude before retuurning to Wiltshire for Christmas and Wales for the New Year. I'm not a Granny yet but hope to be before I retuurn to Rwanda. Helen is blooming and all preparations seem to be complete.

Happy Christmas to you all!

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