The facebook phenomenon

Or better known as stalkbook.

Who knew one little website would create so much havoc and ecstacy, how one little website can be so time consuming and cause so much heartbreak.

For those not in the loop yet, it's essentially a networking website much like myspace, but every single person you meet at the school is guaranteed to be on it. Once logged on and registered, you can add friends, write messages, put up pictures, create events and groups. Groups range from political groups, to geeky maths groups to a group for all the women who wants to marry some hairy, ugly looking guy... and ofcourse, what 40,000 other people are doing are right at your fingertips as well. Hence, stalkbook.

The beauty of facebook is that you don't have to know the person very well to write on their wall, so if you see that certain person of interest from the bars the other night, it's easy and non-embarrassing to write a little message, meet up, and ruin your relationship. Yes, countless relationships have been ruined, many more are made.

It's also a popularity contest to see how many friends one has. The typical number ranges from 50 to 100, depending on how long you have been at the school. Now if you're a long time resident, or a sorority girl, or you just add any old person you've ever met, there's people with 500/600 friends... that's just ridiculous! How can one possibly remember everyone? 

Excuse me now I go to refresh my page again... for the a hundredth time today..

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