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Monday, 15 August 2005

Two more weeks

So, I'm sitting in my Ann Arbor apartment at 4:59am, thinking about how crazy it is to have two weeks remaining until I leave for Japan. It's almost like America is behind me -- I'm on to larger frontiers! But I'm still here, in good ol' A*2, and the transistion period is tough.  A lot of close people in my life either don't take an interest in helping me prepare for my trip, or are adamantly against me going. The time that I need stability and friendship the most, the further away it gets. But the funny thing is God hasn't left, though. Even though I'm stressed out about financial and spiritual turmoil, somehow He'll get me through because God placed me in this position for a reason.  Man, it'll be great to have someone to help me through all of this Visa application craziness^_^ But, I have the plane ticket, so that means I'm going - end of story!

But, to get to my main point, this is my blog for predeparture, duration, and arrival from Hikone, Shiga, Japan.  Since this will be a great way for me to record my experiences, I hope that you can also share in these experiences, and leave some thought as feedback. I'll try to keep this going at least two times a week; forgive me in advance if it slips, just know that I'm probably study hard for exams...or chilling eating sushi:)

~Stacey a/k/a Kamiko

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