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Alrightie, so I know it's been a bit over a week since I've left a post; this week, I should be more frequent because I'm finished with all my homework for the week (isn't that cool?). Right now, I'm just proofreading over all of it with my handy-dany study tools:) Mr. Pencil Has become my best friend here. You can't imagine how many times I erase on my erasers dull out after a week!

Anyways, I'm listening to "Thug mansion" by Tupac feat. Nas. This song always reminds me of being in my dorm room in Alice Lloyd (U of M Residence Hall), reflecting on where I'll end up in ten years or so.  Even though people usually have great things to say about their exploration overseas, it's hard for me to adjust.  I miss being in America, and I know I might say that a lot, but it's something about being away from what you know that causes one to cling to what they have left. Right now, I'm considering returning back to America after December. Now don't get me wrong, the environment and a lot of the people I've met are really great -- by having those things, it helps me to get through this first semester here. It's just that I can't picture myself being subject to the rules and culture of this society -- it's great to study and even experience for a while, but for me, I don't see why I should want to live here. 

The hard part about all of this is what will I ultimately decide? If I return to America, I would experience reverse culture shock while I'm starting my new classes (which might not be the best idea). It would also be hard to build relationships with friends I already have, just because after time, we would all be somewhat different and would need to learn how to accept each other with those differences. Additionally, getting a place to live would be challenging, since I would need to live in the dorms or get an apt. But if I stay....well, let's just say that if I still felt the way I feel right now by January, I wouldn't be having a good time. When I say Japanese classes are intense, that's what I mean.  Yes, I completed all of my homework for the week, but I still need to study each day just to keep up with the class. And the hard thing about things is my Japanese writing skills have improved drastically, but my speaking skills are still mediocre. In public, it's easy to stick to the same phrases (so I don't look stupid!), but not practicing new sentence patterns have caused me to be behind in class in speaking skills.

But in other news, this weekend, I'll be staying in Nagoya with Cass and a woman named Stacii, who is attending church services in Nagoya with me.  We're going to do Karaoke (Yay! Singing!), and Stacii will do my nails and eyebrows (thank you God!).  I can't wait because I'm hoping that this experience can help me to be more comfortable with using Japanese in public. Well, it's time to go, but before I leave, here's the Japanese word of the day: aisu which means to love in English (ex. Watashi-wa anata-ni aishite imasu = I love you!)

Until next time...


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Ana on 12 October 2005 at 15:53
Good to see posts from you again girl! I loved your homestay pictures too! Those dolls are really pretty. I love crafty stuff!
Karaoke! We're having a karaoke party on friday... I want to do real karaoke in Japan though.
On your returning home and staying and such: Do what you feel is right. Give it a lot of thought, and you will figure it out. I wouldn't return home just because of the classes... because the opportunity to study so full heartedly on your subject is.... awesome. The work now really will pay off. (heck you'll come back home and speak better japanese than me. haha!)
If you're going to come home and stay home though, let todd and I know... we still want to meet up with you in January in Japan if you are there!
Have you contacted any of my friends in Japan yet?
Take Care,


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