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Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Phone Problems

Well yesterday, Tuesday, wasnt all that good.  Ive been having problems with my phone, sometimes it will recieve calls, sometimes it wont.  I havent figured out why, everyone keeps saying its because I have no credit but I dont think thats it because why would I recieve some calls some times and not others. 

Anyway I was waiting for a call from Elisabetta to find out what time I was working and hadnt heard anything from her all day.  Usually I would have gone around to the house to check but after the last week when there were a couple of days she didnt call me till late, I figured that maybe the kids were going over to their friends house and I wasnt needed till dinner.  That wasnt the case and at 5.45pm Mario and Elisabetta were both at the apartment buzzing me to find out where I was and why my phone wasnt on.

Now that made the rest of the working day hard as they we telling me that it had to be my phone and that maybe I need to get it checked but the thing is its not even my phone, they gave it to me as mine from home didnt work over here.  A couple of the other families have bought the girls new mobiles but somehow, I dont think that is going to happen for me.  Hopefully after I recharge today it will sort some of the problems out, as I cant really afford to buy my own one on the money they pay me.

I just also want to say thank you to everyone whos wirtten me emails, Aunty viv and Uncle Ken, margie, Jemma,  its great to know that youre all still out there and I miss you all heaps and I am thinking of you all everyday.  till next time


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It was a nice and early morning for Julie, Cindy and I so we could spend 1 1/2 hours on the train to get to gardaland just after it opened.  Gardaland is a themepark, one of the best ones thay have in the area (theres another movie themed one and a water park also close by) but still not as good as dreamworld.  I suprised the other girls with how hyped up and crazy I was acting, nothing really that different from usual but they were a little freaked, also because Id had hardly any sleep.

There were a few good rides, one like the giant drop but not nearly as big, one like the leathal weapon but better, the log ride, rapids, a priates of the caribbean style ride and heaps of others.  There werent all that many adventure/big ppls rides, most of them seemed to be interesting enough to just keep the adults amused but still ok for the kids to go on.  We managed to get everything we wanted to do done and were absolutely buggered by the end of the day! 

I bought one of the photos of the girls and i on one of the rollercoasters and this really pretty sarong.  There was sooooo much merchandise there, after everybig ride you had to exit via a store so that was a little annoying, and everything had this Prezzemolo character on it which looked like yoshi from nintendo games.  It was all the kind of merchandise youd find in disneyland but it was all crap because it wasnt disney.

Overall it was a great weekend I think.  I got to spend some quality time with all of the girls and get to know them all better, Angelina and I a getting on great now and have discovered that we are so similar that its great when we go out on the town together.  Its sucks though cos I will make meeting the new girls harder.  Theres one due in next week, shes not staying with us though, shes replacing the other nanny that got here the same time as me, Cassie.  The girls name is Rebecca and shes 19 from Queensland, and 2 weeks later her cousin, Grace, whos 18 and also from Queensland will be replacing Julie in the apartment.  Ill be in sardinia then so I wont get to meet Grace till later during the summer when her family comes to sardinia as their house is right next door.

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The Rest of the Weekend

Saturday, angelina and i pretty much slept, well actually I didnt, I woke up after 3 hours of sleep and lazed around like a zombie until we had to get ready for the big party - Meziano!  It was beautiful weather, nice and sunny and warm, but it wasnt so nice after Angelina and I had to climb up this massive hill to get to the uni.

We hung around outside for a while until our inside connection could let us in (Richard) and we got in with out any problems what-so-ever!  We didnt even think about the fact that we were getting in for free until one of the other guys pointed it out, we were more worried about the fact that it was a party just for uni students and we werent students.

The best way to describe Meziano is like a mini big day out/woodstock, very mini!  There were 4 different stages, a few stalls around the place, lots of makeshift bars and heaps of ppl.  All our english friends were there, along with the other Jessica, but unfortunately the other nannies werent able to get in.  Angelina and I spent the first part of the party just milling around the disco stage, not just because thats where Richard and Antonio were but because they had the best music - lots of dance stuff.  We were constantly being approached by the guys in the area, as soon as one left another group would wander over.  One group of guys turned out to be the other band members of Michele (the guy I met last week) so that was quite random.  I lost count of how many times I was told I was very beautiful, and how many ppl wanted a chance to practise their english, and sorry that their english was not so good!

The second half of the night we were with our friends at the disco section, dancing the night away, it was great to finally dance!  There was a little bit of drama towards the end, but thats all crappy boy stuff and now that I write this its all been sorted out, so it was all rather pointless,and it didnt have much to do with me anyway!  Over all it was fantastic, as I said before I think, its one of the biggest parties in Trento and Im still so suprised that I actually got in!  I told my work family about it on Monday and Mario and Elisabetta were both very impressed, believe it or not, and were saying how sad they were that there was nothing like it when they were younger.

That night I made it home around 1.30am but still had trouble sleeping because I had drunk so much Red Bull, I was up at 4 am because it was impossible for me to sleep so I sat up and watched movies in my room till 6am and then I got up and started getting ready for Gardaland.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2006

The Week That Was

THis week was pretty ordinary, on friday I started work pretty late cos I wasnt needed then when I got to work I only had to work for an hour as they were all going out and I didnt have to go!  Its always great when you dont have to work.  I was a little upset cos I had no food for dinner but then Elisabetta gave me half of this huge bowl of bolignaise sauce shed made which will do me for about 4 meals, so that was great.  Then after they told me they were going to the mountains so i wouldnt have to work the weekend I mentioned to the family that I had no plans and wouldnt mind going with them cos the other girls were planning on going to Gardaland (a big theme park) but I was saving my pennies for Paris.  They thought that that was a bit sad so they said that if i wanted to go, GO! and theyll pay for it.

So Friday turned out to be awesome.  I must say that I do suck up to the family as much as I can and help out where I can.  It was a little annoying this week when the boys both got toy guns I I spent about 2 hours in the back yard being shot and killed every 5 minutes!!! damn those guns!!!.  back on track now, I will say that I have a great repore with the family and Im hoping its building with the kids but they kids really dont speak much english as i found out that jade always spoke to them in italian, my kids are the worst at english out of all of the families! 

So now begins the saga that was the weekend . . . it was a long weekend, it felt like 3 days long, although it was only 2.  After I got home from an hour of work, Angelina, who also only had to work an hour, was still deciding whether she should go see this guy shed been talking to the week before, Micheles friend, Richard.  Hed invited her out, then she found out it was to where he was working as a dj.  we eventually decided that Id go with her and wed go for 5 minutes just to say hi and act as though we were just out with other friends and that we just stopped by for a quick 5 minutes.  Well after going to the wrong club, we found the right one, said hi to him and stayed for a drink till he finished, which was 5 minutes . . . then somehow our 5 minutes ended in us going to another club with him and us not getting home till 5.30 am!  In that time I chatted for a bit to his dj buddy antonio, but then he had to leave, but he continued to harrass richard for the rest of the night calling him and asking for my number, i dont actually know if richard gave it to him or not but I managed to score an invite from him to this massive party that was happening on Saturday.  Anyway after that I was hit on by 3 40 something yr old guys who were awful but I kept talking to them cos otherwise Id have no one else to talk to and I managed to get a few free drinks from them.  the night was finished of with kebabs by the road and a lift with some friends home.

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Modified on May 30, 2006 at 1:05 AM
Monday, 22 May 2006

The Other Bits.

So we had a few problems during the week.  The families had found out wed had one of our friends stay over a couple of times before so all the other girls got in huge trouble for that.  These families think because its their place we dont get any independence at all.  Its not like we get in trouble for noise (well not since ive been here) and theyre not paying for the food these other ppl eat, but still we are not allowed visitors, they dont even like us having ppl over for lunch!  I didnt get in toruble though.  apparently my family is pretty relaxed about all that and I think they still think I couldnt do anything wrong at the moment, well not on purpose anyway.  I tell them about how I feel about the other girls so they know Im not like them.

Work wasnt too bad this week, I had a few problems with Ciro and getting him to a swimming class that he was dead set against but hed promised Elisabetta earlier in the week that hed go so I had to make him go.  I can tell you it was a struggle to get him into that life, oh yes, the family have a life in their house.

Food wise, I found a shop that sells some asian foods, rice paper and noodles, coconut milk, sweet chilly and soy sauce, and even Heinz baked beans!!!!!  I ll have to save my pennies for that though.

Not too much else to report on that I can think of at the moment.  Hopefully going to a themepark this coming weekend but well see about that.  Ive almost finished my jumper, Im onto the neck band now but I havent been alternating the patterend wool so im going to have to unpick what ive done so far and start again - i havent done all that much yet.  Im also going to start looking at italian courses.  Maybe one through the uni so i can meet some other ppl in the area.  Sure they wont be italian ppl but any one at this stage is good. 

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The Weekend

This weekend I planned to go up this little cable car that leaves from Trento and goes up a cliff and to this small town called Sardagna (or something).  The only girl from our group who has been told me that there wasnt much to see except for a good view so you only need to be there for like an hour or so.  So I got up on Saturday morning and it was all overcast and yuck but I followed through with my plans as my only other option was to sit in my room all day, like every other day of the week.

I got up to the top of the cliff and it was just beautiful.  The view of the valley was just gorgeous! So I walked around to the town and yes the girl was right, there wasnt much in Sardagna at all!  There was one corner store and no people around, it was like a ghost town.  Still it was small and cute, I stood out like a sore thumb though in my bright pink abercrombie jacket!  I just wandered determined to make something out of this borning little place.  I eventually found a small little church on the cliff and just behind it was this strip of grass with the best view of the valley.  So I sat there and ate my lunch, then laid down and started reading the Anne McCaffrey book i got from the library the other day.

I couldve been up there for hours but the wind picked up so i got the cable car back down and went and vistited this other little chuch (there are soooooo many churches over here) that was weirdly tall and skinny.  I walked back to the city, but I wasnt ready to go home to face the unexciting crowd that would be back at the apartment so I went to a caffe and had a hot chocolate and wrote letters home.

I did eventually go home to find the girls had tried their hand at baking bread, which wasnt too bad for their first attempt.  Then they all wanted to go out so off they went, myself and one other girl stayed at home and started watching seperate movies.  We got a call a little later from the girls and they convinced the other girls to go out, so I went also and we did a little bit of bar hopping, as theyre all quite crap in the area.  We settled when we found our english friends and I even managed to find someone to talk to.  His name is Michelle - pronounced Mik-ay-lah and hes from Trento but speaks the best english Ive heard from an Italian over here so far.  so it turned out to be a not so bad night. 

For all of you who are wondering, he wasnt that cute, not that bad either.  He did invite me to go see his band play at one of the bars on Wednesday night, that was it.  Im only interested in finding friends at the moment, ok?!

sunday was very uneventful.  I was planning on going to church but i was so tired from the night before.  I sat at home and knitted and watched movies all day.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Other bits

well, its funny cos i keep hearing mixed bits and pieces about jadeso far i get that she wasnt all that nice and she was a bit selfish and stuck up - more so than me!  anyway the agostinis are really great about me wanting to see all the sights and stuff and have leant me a few books to help me find things to do.  the were  a bit disappointed that jade and all the other girls im living with arent really up for seeing all the historic sights of the town.  dont get me wrong these girls like to travel but all they really care about is shopping and night life. so ive made the descision to go out on my own and do my own stuff which has made me feel a lot better.

its just finding the motivation now to do it all.  Alfio is coming over in june which i am soooooooo looking forward to, finally a friend i can be myself around.  Im really missing the craziness im used to at home!!!  and hopefully he can bring me over some stuff - bbq sauce and masterfood packet mixes, mmmm. 

ive started buying some spice and stuff to cook with so ive gone a little over budget but well, theres no excuse, im pretty sure ill always be over my food budget.  Aparently down south is where all the cook flavoursome cooking is, up here theyre just fake italians.  last night we had lasagnia - pasta sheets with white sauce and mushrooms!

Odd bit - The fashion over here is stripes at the moment and not much else.  all the girls clothes available in trento are tight little lycra stripy shirts!  i do have a couple but thats enough for me.

the agostinis told me we were going to go the venice this weekend end but it doesnt look like thats happening just yet.  they still want to go but cant go this weekend.  im saving my pennies though - aparently there are masks everywhere over there so thats exciting!  Im also getting a bit more enthused about sardinia because theres loads of stuff to do over there and i dont think the family would mind too much if i was to go and do some of it.  they really are wanting me to get out and do stuff.

cant think of much else to say now.  getting set in my routine - jazzercise everymoring 5 times a week, except i skipped it this morning cos i have a really sore throat and didnt get much sleep at all last night :(

till next time

ps Ive only got 1 sleeve and the neck band to go on my jumper and then come the challenge of putting it all together. 

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Verona part 1

We were planning on going to Verona on Saturday but on of the girs - Cassie - had to work so we decided to go sunday instead.  We amused ourselves on saturday by meeting up with a bunch of british boys from the uni and having an awesome picnic in the park with them.  we were there from around 2pm till 7pm (it doesnt get dark here till 9.30pm) and it was just great.  on of the other girls had prepared all the food - pasta salads, potato salads, meats and breads, it was just delish to have soooo much fresh and tasty food.  We followed it all up by going out to a local bar where the british guys got completely smashed and spent the entire night singing songs from the mother land!!!

I went home early cos i was planing an early morning so i could go to verona.  i kinda had an inkling that the other girls would change their minds and not go at all, which was completely correct, thankfully i had decdied that i was going with or without them.  Mario (the dad from my work family) had given me a map of the city and with a few helpful directions from the girls i made it all the way in to verona by myself.  I got in there around 12.30 and just walked around for a bit, around the open air arean, then through this food market thing with wine, cheese and meats.  i tried something from the one and only bakery stall which was this rice ball thing with bolignaise sauce in the middle and it was deep fried, mmmmm, then i headed down one of the main streets and checked out a few of the shops, a lot better variety there than in trento.  I pretty much jest kept walking, although i had a map i had no idea where i was but everything was sooooo pretty i didnt really care. 

i ended up by the river so i sat and ate my packed lunch.  there was something across the other side of the river, some big terrace thing and lots of ppl were going into it so i thought id go check it out.  turned out to be theatre romano and old amphi theatre type thing (not at all where i thought i actually was on the map).  so i went in and walked around and admired all the old marble carved sculptures and mosaics.  i went all the way to the top and got a fantastic view of the city!!!  then i had to go all the way back to the bottom and outside and up another huge flight of stairs to get to a castle that was right on top of the hill.  you couldnt actually go into the castle so i walked around it and found a trendy little cafe out the back - the toilets for this cafe were in the castle so i walked into the toilets just so i can now say that i did get to go in the castle.

after all my stair climbing i walked back down to the duomo (cathedral) and had a look there then back down the main street and bought a pastry thing from the bakery shop and a gelato and headed back to the train.  i eventually got home at 9pm, and i did even get to see all the sights in the city -  i missed out on julietts balcony!

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Wednesday, 10 May 2006

A Little Bit of an Update

The weather over here is so mixed up, yesterday i had plans to come into the city and use the internet but it was sooooo cold and windy and wet.  A couple of the other girls and i made it half way to the supermarket then decided we really couldnt be bothered so we did what we needed to then went home.  Today the weather it just gorgeous, well for here anyway, im in jeans and a singlet and quite comfortable, the suns out and the sky is blue.  Its hard to stay in on a day like today, I usually manage to find good excuses to stay inside though as Im to scared to get out there and speak to these italian people.

Work is going quite ok at the moment.  I kinda keep reminding myself that theyve hired me as a mothers helper so really I m there to do whatever Elisabetta needs help with so in that respect Im ok with doing the little bits of cleaning and helping out with dinner and stuff.

My hours are the best out of all the other nanny girls in the area, on Mon, Tues and Thurs I start at 4 and take Teo or Ciro (pronounced Chiro) to swimming and hang round at the pool till 5.30 then take them home and let them play while i make them juice then set the table for dinner.  we eat dinner, i drag it out for as long as possible and eat as much as i can cos its food im not paying for!  then i clear the table and set it for breakfast then get the kids ready for bed.  Usually all this is done by 9 pm.  On Wed and Fri I usually start at 4.30 and do about the same as the other days except for the pool thing.

Its hard to explain what its like cos with the families that us girls are working for there really is a class thing and all these families know each other and theyre all a bit competitive, which we go home and laugh about.

Yes it might sound good that I got to sardinia for a month, which is coming up soon - I leave on the 19 June and get back on the 26 July, but the way we see it is that we are stuck on a island working 24-7 with know personal space as we then become live-in and no other nannies to hang out with!  One poor girl is going for 3 months so we all feel sorry for her.

Anyway dont want to bore you too much with all the details at the moment, ill try and break it up a bit over the next few weeks when nothings happening.

Ciao for now,

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Friday, 05 May 2006

The Lake

Sunday turned out to be a really nice day, nice and sunny so Jessica thought it would be a great opportunity to go to the lake and sunbake.  I personally thought it would be too cold, me being use to queensland weather, however as these girls have just come out of a european winter they were eager to break out the bikinis, which by the way as soooo nice over here.  Although swimming and sunbaking is so popular back home our range of togs are so boring copared to their over here!

So we went to the bus station and bought tickets to the Lake, which is an hour away and we made sure we got the info dude to tell us when the last bus left the lake cos Cassie had to be home by 7.

We stepped off the bus once we got to the lake only to find it was as windy and as cold as the saturday night before!!!!!  We managed to make it too the lake where there were heaps of wind surfers but quickly found our way to a small coffee shop out of the wind.  I later find out from Elisabetta that this particular lake is famous for its wind and wind surfing!!!!

So we waited at the coffee shop for 2 hours till it was time to head back and catch the bus back.  We waited at the bus stop for 15 mins before we check the time table again only to find the bus we though was coming only cam on weekdays and there were no buses back to Trento for the day!!!!  We were stranded.

There was one to a town close by - Rovereto - so we waited another hour in the freezing wind, but it didnt come . . . until 15 mins after it was spose to be there.  The driver of that bus told us that we could still get back to Trento so we bought tickets and thought everything was fine and dandy.  We got off at Rovereto to change buses (wed had to do this on the way there) and we waited at the bus stop for the coneccting bus, and we waited and waited and waited.  We finally check with another bus driver - and no there were no more buses for Trento!!!!

We got directions to the train station and managed to catch a train back arriving in Trento at 9pm, yes it was a little late but we were back.  Thank goodness!

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The First Night Out

So to get things sorted right from the beginning, the apartment Im living in is like the central base for the nannies in the area.  Seeing as all the other nannies who dont live there, live at their families homes it their one escape where they can just chill out.

So living in the apartment is me, Angelina, Julianna and Cindy then outside of that is another Jessica (whos irish) and Cassie.  Cassie got here the same day as me but has studied italian for 2 years so is a little better off than me.

After sitting around all day saturday tring to figure out what to do we decided to go out for mexican for dinner then maybe to a bar afterwards.  We got all dressed up, looking quite gorgeous and then headed out only to be met but a constant drizzly rain and an ice cold wind!!!!  I cant believe we made it all the way to the restaurant it was soooooo cold.  Anyway mexcan food done by italians isnt all that bad but not as good as the stuff from home, i had some chicken thing which tasted more like tuna but oh well.  After dinner we headed to a small bar close by where the girls knew the bar tender and we got free cocktails.  My favourite - the pina colada con fraggola (pina colada with strawberries, yes I learnt the name in italian quite quickly).

Being the gorgeous foreign girls that we are we ended up beign the centre of attention at this bar with every guy in the place talking to at least one of us girls, all except for me.  Dont get me wrong, tried to talk to me but they soon learnt i didnt understand a word of what they were saying!  The other italian girls in the place didnt like us one bit, Id been warned about that, that theyre not very nice and as one of the other aussies informed me the italians were sitting there being very catty about us.

So thats about all that happened that night, not all that much, but we didnt get home till 3 am so it wasnt all that bad!

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