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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

the decision

so ive decided to quit.  im going to finish up just in time for me to go to ireland, the only problem is i havent told the family and im not sure how to.  how do you tell someone that after working for them for 7 months that youve just decided that you cant stand their bratty little spoilt kids? but i have to try and keep on good terms with them incase i need any mail redirected its a tricky situation i have to try and figure out in the next week. the big problem though is that elisabetta is being really nice to me at the moment so it makes it kinda hard.

but what else is going on? basically ive just been totally stressed - between quitting, thinking about packing, future travel plans, my screwed up visa, still not having my camera back and 2 packages that were sent from home that i still havent gotten, im just totally confused and frustrated! 

not much has been going on in the last few weeks.  ive had to cut down my internet time cos im trying to save money and the usual internet place i use is closed in the mornings now so its costing quite a bit more!!  not happy.  federico came for another visit last thursday and my friends and i had a desert party - not a good idea when all us girls are already complaining about how much weight weve gained (im going steady at 5 kilos) it was good though.  he had to leave earlyish on friday though so i hardly got a chance to talk to him.  i dont get to see him for another week and a half but then ill see him for the wed night, thurs then again over the weekend.

one of our close friends from england is leaving this thurs so weve all been trying to spend as much time with her as possible.  saturday we went to verona fgor a few hours but it was rainy and yucky then on sunday we went to watch one of the english boys play in his first rugby union game for trento who lost 44-5! very poor form i think.  and then we headed to maccas where we ran in to my work family! not really who i wanted to see at that time.  

the weekend before last i went off to padua for the day with katy, that was fun.  we decided the night before to go do something interesting and off we went.  it was just us two cos no one else wanted to get up early enough to make it to the train station at 9am.  its a very pretty town it think, i like it better than verona and it has a disney store!!!!  so that kept me happy.  we had planned on going to see the frescos in some old church but when we went to go in we found out you had to book and the next free time was at 7.40 that night!  so we just walked around for few hours (like 7hrs) and visited a few churches and did the cultural stuff.  we didnt go shopping very much - i dont know why, probably cos neither of us could afford it.  then we headed back home on the most packed train ive ever been in - we had to stand for the 2 1/2 hrs and you should have seen everyones faces when the food cart told us he had to get through.  we were already standing in entrance way packed in shoulder to shoulder! 

 anyway my times about to run out.  i might go see if i can book in at the library where its free for another day.


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Tuesday, 07 November 2006

this week past

well things are pretty confusing for me here at the moment.  still trying to figure out if i should quit or not - if anyone wants to give me their opinion feel free to, i open to suggestion.  i just dont know. . . the sensible part of me says stick with the job - its an apartment, money, not all that much work, but i just hate it!  i hate not having set hours so they can call me whenever to start work, they totally have power over all that.  like today, was spose to start at 3.30 but not have to start at 2 cos teo has a fever! cos i wanna get close to that and get sick again.  i just really want the freedom to do what i want.  i know everyone wants that with their own lives but its worse here when i only have a limited time in this place, with these people. 

its really scary thinking that i could be spending 4 months here without anywhere to stay and hardly any money, actually its terrifying but i just cant stay in this job.  i could look for another one but it would mean id be living somewhere else other than trento and that would make it too hard to see friends and the boy which just isnt acceptable to me.

things are going really well with my friends, and the boy, i just booked a ticket to go to ireland for christmas , so that should be nice.  i wanted to stay there for 2 weeks then head to england for 2 weeks but it all depends on my descision about work. 

anyway back to whats actually been happening and not my big dilemmas, last week on monday we had a pumpkin carving party which was fantastic.  we all bought pumpkins and had to carve them.  i paired up with lizzie and i think we were by far the most competitive pair their and we were doing really well - the insides of our pumpkin were scraped nice and clean and our face was nice, simple but effective and very precise.  unfortunately as we went for the sneaky clean (we snuck into the bathroom to rinse off some of the gunk) i broke the entire top lip of the pumpkin off so its nose ran straight in to the mount and all our hard work was undone.  we didnt even have toothpicks to put it back together.  afterwards we went to the park, we were being too loud for the boys apartment, and it was just a really nice fun night. 

on wednesday there was a public holiday and i was so looking forward to having a day off! unfortunatley i awoke at 8am to find out i had a tummy bug and i spent the whole day in bed throwing up - ive never been so sick in all my life. even a sip of water made my stomach turn.  i had about 15 mins of conversation with one of the girls at 7pm but thats ll i could manage and i only made it out of bed at 3 am the next morning when i ate and apple and finally could drink a glass of water.  i had thurs off work cos i was still recovering.  fri i was back at work but still not 100%. i went to a friends house warming that night but only stayed about an hr cos i needed sleep.

early sat morning i caught the train to bologna to visit the boy.  we didnt actually do all that much over the weekend.  he took me to the diney store and we walked through the markets.  i cooked sweet and sour pork stir fry for dinner sat night for us and some friends and they all liked it.  i never realised how weird the ingredients of that are - pineapple, tomato, vinegar, honey - yeah its actually quite weird.  then we went and met up with cindy and kaisa (another aussie we met in sardinia) and kaisas friends who were out at a club.  so as usual, federico refused to dance (hes italian!) and the rest of us danced to good dance music.  the next day was another lazy day i made federico watch o brother where art thou, it has an italian language option so he was happy with that, i had to put on english subtitles.  then i went out with cindy and kaisa again but met up with federico and his friend luca and we went and had indian.  it didnt taste like real indian which was good cos i dont like real indian so i was happy. 

there was a great moment over the weekend when we were walking through some back streets and id noticed some door handles that looked like the talking door handles from labrynth, and just at that moment federico asked me what i was thinking about. . . needless to say i dont think fast on my feet so i told him - talking door handles.  i then had to spend 10minutes explaining my answer.  the poor thing was probably expecting something a little more deep than talking door handles, but what can you do?! 

so what else has been going on . . . not much. just starting to look at other travel plans now, and thinking about packing.  still dont have my camera back!  anyway, i guess thats it for now.  remember if anyone has any opinion on what i should do let me know.


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