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Saturday, 05 August 2006

a week in trento

well i was totally looking forward to having a week around friends, even if it meant staying in trento for a week.  i thought it would be nice just to get to know my new friends a little better.  well that wasnt the case at all.

for those of you who dont know, im not really sure how much of it i have mentioned in the blog but there have been 2 italian boys who have been interested in me for a while now.  michele, who is very sweet and called me every week in sardinia to check that i was still sane, and antonio, the dj who is great fun but i little harder to read.  anyway my head has been spinning as i have been trying to figure out what to do, you see, michele is the sensible choice but antonio is usually more fun to hang around with and he has a great group of friends.  anyway i guess i finally decided on antonio when the day after i got back i decided not to go see micheles band perform but to hang out with antonio instead, and that was fine, antonio was very happy to finally see me again, and thats about as good as it all got.  From then on i have hardly heard from him, one of his friends that I get on with really well, who i thought would want to hang out with me, wasnt answering my calls and the other friend that would then tried to hit on me.  So i was completely distraught, my whole week of hanging out with my boy (if thats what he is, who knows) and his friends was just totally blown out of the water.

 There is also another new nanny in the area - christine and im finding it really hard to get on with her.  she, like these stupid italian boys keeps promising to do stuff with me and then cancelling.  i wouldnt mind it so much if she didnt promise to do stuff in the first place but it makes it hard to get all psyched up to go out day or night and then have the only other person you know cancel.  it will be good when the other girls get here and i have options. 

So i got totally fed up with this and so i decided to go ahead and leave trento for a few days.  monday i research train on the internet and found i had just missed the only train to lucerne in switzerland so i booked it for the next day and set about organising a hostel.  Tuesday i jumped on the train.  the 7 1/2 hr trip wasnt all that bad, the italian scenery was crap but the train went through milan and como and lugano (the place where that aussie guy is from) and then with 3hrs left the scenery because so spectacular!  the weather was really crappy for being the middle of summer but the clouds that hungs around the mountains added an extra kind of magic to it all.  the mountains were huge and wherever there werent trees there was luscious green grass and cute little wooden cottages.  it was so picturesque.

i arrived in lucerne at around 7.30pm only to realise i had not prepared myself for anything - i had no swiss francs, spoke no german and had no where to stay for the night, the funny thing about it though was that i wasnt worried.  the hostel had a spare bed and after going around on a bus once and having to take it again and actually get off the second  time round i got to my hostel and met an american girl who had arrived a few hours earlier.

we had a look at all the stuff there was to do, a lot of adventure stuff like paragliding, white water rafting, high ropes and so much more.  there were also heaps of tours up all the different mountains where it was still snowing.  Jamie (the american girl) and i decided we wanted to go up one of the mountains and check out the city.  The city wasnt much of a city but seeing as trento is so small Lucerne felt like it was about 3 times the size that it really was.  The weather was still really crappy and the tourist info place had a web cam up the mountain and so we saw that there wasnt really much point in spending a heap of money just to see clouds so we walked around the city a bit more, climed the wall and the turrents saw the lion carved in stone and did souvenir shopping - i bought one of those famous over priced cuckoo clocks although i could actually afford one that cuckooed.

the next day i was on my own and i had booked a tour to go see interlarken and grindlewald.  seeing as the weather was crappy once again i went and bought a jumper - coming from summer in trento all i took with me were singlets and mini skirts - and off i went with the tour.  interlarken was nice but very touristy not at all as pretty as lucerne.  i didnt get to spend much time there though as we had to go catch a train up one of the mountains.  i wasnt spose to catch the train up the mountain but everyone else was going to and if i didnt i was going to have to spend 5 hours in grindlewald in the cold rain, and theres not all that much to do in grindlewald.  the tour director was trying to talk me into going all the way up the mountain with them but seeing as it was 11 degrees in interlarken and i was freezing in my mini skirt i really didnt like the idea of going all the way up to the snow and getting frost bite and loosing my nicely tanned legs! 

i left the tour part way up the mountain and went for a walk in the tiny town of wengen.  everything but a couple of restaurants were closed but i managed to find this gorgeous little cafe that was totally hidden but it was so cute wtith these faces carved in wood on the walls and plants hanging every where.  i sat there for a while out of the cold rain and just enjoyed the location.  i headed back and caught the train to the half way point of the mountain, saw the snow, it wasnt all that close to where i was but i was close enough thank you (i think i can wait till winter).  then i changed trains and headed back down to grindlewald.  grindlewald was also pretty, just stunning views all around, well as good of a view as you can have when its cloudy and raining, but there werent many shops there that i could hide in.  so once again i found a bakery and sat near a window and enjoyed something that was really nice, i dont know what tho.  then i got back on the bus and headed home. 

i had planned to get good ol maccas for dinner but changed my mind when i found out a big mac meal was 11 francs!!!  switzerland really is a lot more expensive than what ive gotten use to in trento.  so i bought a sweet and sour instant meal from the supermarked and ate that back at the hostel.  oooo, the hostel was actually really nice also, and they had the best breakkies iver ever had at a hostel - bread, jam, cream cheese, normal cheese, coffee, hot chocolate, cereal, youghurt and juice!  it was great.  anyway i caught the train home yesterday a was finally, for once a little sad that i was coming back to trento and going home.  i didnt  spend all that long in lucerne but i feel like i was there for much longer and i think i did everything i could with out having gone up the mountain or done some extreme stuff but the weather just made it not worth the money.

so now im back in trento again.  last night chrissy cancelled on me again so i once again caught a cab out to the bar called novaline by myself.  i made some new friends, they were all really funny but by the end of the night i was back with rick and he was chasing off these poor new guys who thought i was now with them.  i also met some of ricks friends who he swears are nicer than the other guys.  who knows, im about ready to give up.  it was another fun night though and i once again didnt pay for any drinks or the brioche we had after wards.

on a more boring note im still waiting for the curtains to go up in my room, they were suppose to be up when i got here and then they finally promised to have them up on saturday but that still hasnt happened.  im starting to get annoyed cos my room is really taking great shape now and i just really want those curtains up to add to it, and so i can hang stuff from the rail!

anyway im off to the mountains either tomorrow or on monday, the family hasnt told me which yet and that kinda annoying.  Grace gets back tomorrow, im hoping ill still be here, and we get along really well, so that will be good.

keep sending me emails ppl, i love hearing how things are going back there!



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