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weekend - 19, 20, 21 jan-i dont remember the weeks

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The week before . . . .

The Friday before, this was when we were actually suppose to go up the mtn to see lizzie but we hadn’t been able to contact her n some of the others had had a big night playing drinking games the night the night before so we ended up scratching that plan and abi, steph and I decided to get a little more adventurous and go find a castle in a little town called avio. It’s a castle that is on a hillside that you can see from the train to Verona, so everytime it goes past I alwaysthink “gee that’s a pretty castle, I wonder how you get there” so the 3 of us caught the train and got off and faced our first problem- how to actually get out of the station!  It was a very interesting day as the town was very quite and kinda empty. from the few ppl we did actually see it felt like they were eyeing us off wondering what these foreigners were doing in their quite little town.   We made it all the way up to the castle only to find that its closed in jan so we couldn’t get in.  just like every other castle I have ever tried to visit.  I don’t know how many ive tried to get into but ive seen a few but never ever been in one the whole time ive been over here, I guess im just not meant to see the inside of a castle.  Anyway the 3 of us decided to do a bit of walking instead as there was a bit of a track/road up behind the castle.  There were some pretty amazing views from there over the valley.  We had to turn back after a little while cos it was getting dark so we found our way back to the train station and abi and steph headed back to trento for a goodbye dinner for the Turkish boys and I headed to bologna. 


Not much really happened that weekend in bologna, I know Federico had to study on Sunday so I was left home by myself.  I had plans to pretty up the place but couldn’t find anything to help achieve what I wanted to I went shopping and bought a whole new outfit for me instead!  And made a cheesecake for him and his friends.  I think he was a bit surprised so that was good, oh and he loved the cheesecake!


I cant really remember what happened during the week, maybe a few quite nights out with friends, and when I don’t want to go out out I just head over to the old apartment to say hi to the aussie girls. I have it all written down on a little calendar but I just forgot to bring it with me. 


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