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Monday, 27 June 2005

Two months and counting

My departure is set for August 26th.  That means in two months I will be on an airplane destined for Rwanda.  25 kgs is all I'm allowed and as the pile of things I want to take grows, so does my anxiety.  Once in Rwanda I will spend three weeks in Kigali training.  Then I will be whisked away to Gasarenda, a small village in the SW of the country at 2000 m altitude.  There I will live with another volunteer in a small brick house for two years.  I will be teaching English at PTTC Mbuga, a secondary school for students training to be primary school teachers.  Now that I have the particulars out of the way, here's some answers to frequently asked questions.

Have you seen the movie Hotel Rwanda?       Yes

What do your parents think?          I'm sure they're a little worried, but they've come to expect these things.

You mean you won't have television?       That's right!

The volunteer you will be living with is a man?       Yep

Anyways, that's all the information I can spare for now.

A bientot!

Map of Africa - have fun finding Rwanda

Map of Rwanda - My village is between Gikongoro and Butare.

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