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Friday, 05 May 2006

One more thing

Antonia's got a new blog so check hers out too to see what we've all been up to.  I've linked to it over on the side.

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Written by: cathie78    in: My travelblog
A few of my favourite things

The E string

The other day I was thinking back to a conversation that I had with several outgoing VSO volunteers in Ottawa before we were all sent off to different parts of the globe.  We were discussing what interesting, strange or useful things we were planning on putting in our suitcases.  I remember Mitenko saying that he always took a spare guitar string (the first to be exact) and not to repair his guitar, no, to repair anything else that might be broken.  He claimed it was an essential to any traveller's supply kit.  I thought it was an interesting idea and since it doesn't weigh anything I brought it along.  Eight months later, I would like to thank that David Mitenko because I have taken one of my favourite pairs of sandals to be repaired by a cobbler twice now and they continue to break so, that's right I sewed the guitar string into the leather the other night and it's been working like a charm!

My guitar

There are only so many books one can read by candlelight, only so many turns one can give the kinetic-powered radio, only so many flies to swat, only so long you can play with hot candle wax.  My guitar keeps me sane.  It is my pass-time, my relaxation, my distraction that keeps me from eating all the chocolate you send me at once.  It is a teaching tool and has made me popular with students and teachers alike.  Somehow I have also overcome my fear of singing and playing in front of people.  It makes the children next door happy too and slowly it is becoming the community guitar.  In fact, another teacher plays it so much and keeps it on weekends and holidays that I feel like we're divorced parents sharing custody.  We call it "le bébé".

My kinetic flashlight

It surprises me that more people in the flashlight business haven't thought of this.  Imagine, it's six forty-five.  The sun has just said its last good-byes and the darkness is complete.  Just as the last ray of sunshine disappears over the patchwork hills, the electrogaz cuts out and you are standing completely unprepared in darkness.  Where are the matches?  I don't know.  Where are the candles?  beats me!  And my head lamp?  I haven't seen it since yesterday.  Ah but what is that I see?  It's a little dot glowing across the room.  Yes it's my kinetic flashlight, cleverly equipped with a glow-in-the-dark button for easy retrieval.  I'm saved!... now if I can just get across the room without bumping into anything.


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Written by: cathie78    in: My travelblog

In case you haven't looked lately, there's a whole whack of photos dating back as far as November that have gone up on my flickr page.  Just follow My Photos.

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Written by: cathie78    in: My travelblog
My own little library

Well thanks a million to people who have contributed to my little library.  I now have over fifty children's books at home.  My mom (being a librarian and all) has created an online catalogue that anyone who wishes to see which books I have or who wants to send me books but doesn't want to duplicate can check out.  Simply go to www.librarything.com/profile.php?view=cathienichol .  Right now the books are sitting in my house, being read and looked through by the children in my neighbourhood.  Their ultimate destination has yet to be determined but there is to be a primary teacher's resource centre started in Kigeme and if that's not the place for them, I will give them to primary schools in the farthest reaches of the country side that don't get much of any resources.  So again a big thanks to Kim, Jen and Gail.

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Written by: cathie78    in: My travelblog

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