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Wednesday, 19 April 2006

travel in Uganda

I'm back from Uganda now.  Antonia and I arrived yesterday after many hours of travel.  During the course of our travelling we took many different forms of public transportation.  From the giant, terrifying, fast-moving buses that go from Kigali to Kampala (affectionately nick-named "flying coffins" after one of them failed to switch to driving on the left-side of the road once in Uganda a few years ago).  We've taken "boda bodas" (motorcycle taxis), matatus (squeeze ' em in mini-buses), a couple of medium sized buses, but the highlight of our transportation experience was the taxi "special".  It was a regular medium-sized sedan into which we managed to squeeze 10 people.  4 in the back and 4 in the front.  Antonia and I were squeezed into the passenger's side while another guy sat next to the driver between him and the gear shift. 

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Sunday, 16 April 2006


I'm on the last leg of my journey to Uganda and will be on my way 'home' on Tuesday.  It's been a great holiday, perhaps not a typical tour of Uganda but very interesting nonetheless.  Many tourists come to Uganda to go rafting and mountain-climbing or to track the big game in the national parks.  Not me (at least not this time).  I came to go shopping.  Kampala is like New York city compared to anything you will find in Rwanda.  There's stuff everywhere.  Real grocery stores, malls, craft markets, and just choice wherever you go.  It's been great.  I went to the big market in Kampala (Owino), where many mzungus fear to tread because there are many pick-pockets and petty thieves but I have to say its reputation is undeserved.  I had a great time and bought two pairs of pants, a skirt, four tops, a pair of shoes, a hat...  All for the right price.  Two of the tops I bought cost 500 ugandan shillings each . . . (about 40 cents).  The other thing I came for was some R & R, which I got.  Antonia and I spent a glorious day by the pool at the Black Lantern by Bujagali Falls overlooking the Nile.  AHHHH glorious. 

Some atypical Ugandan experiences I hadn't counted on:  Scottish dancing at the Freemason's lodge in Kampala, Easter dinner with some nuns, and watching a British CSI-like drama on television.  All fun and extremely interesting.  You don't get that kind of variety on a rafting holiday.

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