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Friday, 29 September 2006

29th September

Sorry it's been such a long time.  I tried but technology failed me.  Now I'm being much more careful.  I'm typing this in word then pasting onto the blog in case it all gets erased again.  Cross your fingers.
So what can I tell you in the last few (several) weeks I've been to see the gorillas  a magical experience, said good-bye to our good friend Jessica  tear!  who  has gone back to the homeland to join the battle against Bush and maybe find a job too,  we've welcomed 17 new volunteers to Rwanda (16 female and 1 male), and I've been frantically trying to find some time to teach in the drastically shortened, overloaded 3rd term which is almost over I can hear my mother saying it seems like you're always on holidays well I am.  That's a great advert for being a volunteer, a perpetual holiday with nothing to do.  Actually this coming holiday I plan to be very productive.  I may be working on a curriculum project and I'm definitely helping to facilitate two workshops for primary school teachers so there it's not all play and no work.  It's about half and half.  Of course when that's done it's back to the land of the hosers.  I'll be back on the 4th of December until the 2nd of January or something like that.  I hope to see you all and put on a lot of weight (just kidding about that  please  you all have to do your part to keep me from losing control at the sight of a dozen Timmy's donuts, or at the cheese counter at Fortino's, do you know what I would like?  Some nice basmati rice, a bowl of dahl, and some steamed broccoli and a mango Lassi heaven! And stock that fridge with tofu!)  Wow, I seem to talk about food a lot on this blog.


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