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Saturday, 15 October 2005


Well the school year is ending.  I know teachers it hardly seems fair, I just started and I already have 2 months off.  But before that happens I have to correct 235 summaries, 125 quizzes and 360 exams.  No problem right?  I feel like I've finally gotten into the swing of things at school and now we're done. 

The other day I was trying to explain to the students in one class what the word embarrassed meant and I couldn't think of a good example.  The next day I had a really good one.  I told them that the previous evening I had been walking down the rocky road from school to home.  There were about a hundred villagers hoeing the soccer field that they are building close to the school.  I could hear people start to shout and assumed correctly that it was my presence that was causing the excitement.  I looked up to see them all staring at me as I walked by (nothing unusual there).  I looked at them and smiled and waved.  At that very moment my foot caught on a big rock and I lurched forward in a very awkward trip.  They all had a good old laugh, and what the hell, I joined in.  And that my friends is embarassed.  In any case, the students think I'm insane, so everything is as it should be. 

Things in general are going well.  Gasarenda is starting to feel a little more like home, my kinyarwanda is slowly improving.  I even got the music teacher to teach me a song in kinya that I could play on my guitar.  He chose a love song, which I learned and have played for some teachers.  Usually their reaction is, who taught you that song?  I think it's causing some speculation  but what's a workplace without rumours??

Paula I got your letter, it was the highlight of my day!  I'll write you this week.  Auntie Sue, I got your e-card but the connection's really slow today so I'll have to wait until next time to look at it.

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Friday, 07 October 2005

Hi all,

Happy Birthday Becky! 

Thanks to everyone for your birthday messages.  Grandpa I got your card well in advance, so thanks for thinking ahead!  I had a nice calm birthday.  I woke up and made myself oatmeal for breakfast, such a nice treat since I had been eating just bread.  I opened a couple gifts from Geert and Antonia (volunteers) and now have three banana leaf pictures frames hanging proudly on the wall.  I went to Gikongoro and went to the post office and to visit another volunteer and have lunch.  I had some difficulty finding the post office and the school where the volunteer lives so I got help from a young cattle herding boy who was more than happy to show me the way (even though he didn't know the way).  He told me the post office was down this deserted road, I didn't believe him and it turns out we were standing right next to it.  Then he led me to Nyamagabe primary school instead of Nyamagabe secondary school, but we figured it out eventually and I gave him a token reward for his dedication to the task.  I made friends with some police officers, Dominique and Freddy and invited a couple of hungry children in to eat and colour pictures.  It was a good day.  Today I am in Butare for an English teacher's workshop which will start tonight and go until Sunday.  Thanks for all my birthday phone calls too!  It was good to hear your voices!

Talk soon.

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