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Entries "April 2008":

Monday, 21 April 2008

I have been so very busy disengaging myself from Rwanda as the time to go home draws nearer that I feel that it's worth reflecting over the things I will truly miss when I go home.  I will miss the way that my body naturally wakes up at sunrise every morning because it's pretty much the same all year long.  As frustrating as it can be, I will miss the ease with which one can just say "tomorrow" when things don't get done today.  I will miss the beautiful hills that change colours with the seasons.  I will miss being in bed when the rain comes like a train passing overhead.  I will miss volunteers who pass the night, I will miss passing the night at other volunteers' houses.  I will miss long mornings over porridge setting the world to right; being able to walk to the nearest shop, to work, to the market; making friends with people I would otherwise have never met.  I will miss speaking Kinyarwanda, East African music, hearing choirs singing in the distance, maracuja juice.  I will miss the babies and children I see everywhere and the expressions on their faces when they see me walking by.  I will miss negociating in the market, buying clothes that I probably donated to charity years ago.  I will miss the friends that I have made, both Rwandan and not.  I will miss my Rwandan family - I mean my in-laws but also my surrogate family in Rwanda (Antonia, Annemiek, Han and Mans - you have been as close as family and as dear as friends).  As I prepare to leave and feel happy to be going home, I cannot deny that leaving will be hard, really hard.  I'm not really sure how to live in Canada anymore and I'm leaving behind a lot but I will be taking many happy, sad, hilarious, touching and meaningful memories with me.

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Wednesday, 02 April 2008

home alone

Well as of this morning I am home alone until the 19th.  Well-secured as I have guards and other staff, but alone nonetheless.  Elson has gone to Itorero training which is mandatory for all teachers in the country.  It is an initiative that is aimed at fighting against Genocidal Ideology in schools.  It'll be a lonely 3 weeks so emails and phone calls are welcome!!! ;-(

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Written by: cathie78    in: My travelblog